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Gender, Diversity and Inclusion in CGIAR's Workplaces


July 2020


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Working with a group of experts, we have put together a selection of papers that provide the research and background evidence to help you explain the case for Diversity.

If you read just one paper on Diversity, then we recommend this Catalyst paper, which captures all the latest research and evidence on the link between diversity, inclusion, and workplace benefits. Catalyst are in the process of translating the paper into Spanish, French, and Arabic versions, which will be available soon.

Diverse teams are smarter, says this short article in the Harvard Business Review, which explains the link between diversity, innovation, and creative / critical thinking.
Groups of diverse problem solvers outperform groups of high-ability problem solvers, say Lu Hong and Scott Page in this 2004 paper by two US-based academics.
One of three major reports on diversity by McKinsey, this 2018 report – “Delivering Through Diversity” – reinforces the link between diversity and company financial performance. It also suggests how organizations can craft better inclusion strategies for a competitive edge.
Gender diversity leads to better science, says this paper which emerged from a workshop held at Stanford University.
Maximizing the benefits of cultural diversity requires effective management and a supportive context, say the authors of this paper which outlines a meta-analysis of 108 empirical studies in 10,632 teams.
Racially diverse groups exchange a wider range of information than all-White groups, says this analysis of the effect of racial composition on jury deliberations.
A study of 171 German, Swiss, and Austrian companies finds a positive relationship between management diversity and innovation. The study, by BCG and the Technical University of Munich, says that the innovation boost isn’t limited to a single type of diversity. It identifies five work environment factors that amplify the impact of diversity.
To attract and retain today’s top talent, organizations should remain laser-focused on fostering an inclusive culture while being responsive to the needs and priorities of today’s workforce, says this paper by Deloitte, based on a US survey of 1,300 employees.
Female directors improve board effectiveness in risk management, with respect to R&D investment, says this 2015 paper in the Journal of Business Ethics.
The growing age diversity in the workforce can have motivational benefits for both younger and older employees, says this 2020 paper in the Journal of Applied Psychology.
High gender diversity leads to lower turnover in organizations with many gender-focused policies and practices, says this 2015 academic paper.

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