Gender, Diversity and Inclusion
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Working Parents

It is anticipated that the coronavirus pandemic will exact a significant toll on women, as school closures increase the burden of domestic care that typically falls to women. However, single parents of any sex will face similar challenges.

In addition, epidemics and their attendant stresses can also increase the risk of domestic abuse and other forms of gender-based violence. Here are some specific tips for all working parents:

Engaging with your children: Industry experts believe it is crucial to set boundaries with your kids when working remotely, especially if they’re school-aged. Recommendations include:

Sharing the load: If you live with a partner or friend you will need to explicitly discuss and implement new routines for both of you, that will keep you focused, productive, and happy in your relationship.

Working from Home as a Single Parent: While many of these tips are true for all parents, they have been specifically authored for single parents.

Be aware of the increased risks of domestic violence while working from home: As families face heightened tensions, uncertainties and other pressures, women face intensified vulnerabilities. Of course, both men and women can be subject to domestic abuse, and this can be psychological or physical. Your managers can't solve the issue of domestic violence, but they can offer support and create safe spaces where people can speak up. If you feel you may be at increased risk, please connect to get the support and help you need. The CGIAR System GDI Function has made available 700 hours of System-wide confidential Counselling support. This confidential source of support is available to anyone who may be experiencing domestic violence.

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