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Gender, Diversity and Inclusion in CGIAR's Workplaces


April 2020


Communicating clearly and staying connected

Concerns about when the virus will end, and the impact it will have on our health and jobs is causing a significant amount of stress.

As people leaders, we can help relieve this through clear and consistent communication. Research shows that Staff can see their employers as trusted and credible sources of information on the virus crisis. At these times, community support also becomes vital, and here too People Leaders can help their team members stay connected despite the need to self-isolate.

Build social interaction into team members’ calendars: Build social interaction into your Staff’s calendars by default: For example, hold regular virtual social catch-ups during lunch or at breaktimes (without an agenda) and encourage everyone to join with their videos switched on.

Send regular updates from senior managers: Send updates to your team regularly. Senior managers especially should be encouraged to communicate transparently and frequently as behavioral research shows that people pay more attention to certain messengers than others. Update on how the organization is addressing the challenges the pandemic presents, as well as the support they are offering.

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